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tv   FOX 8 Saturday Early News  FOX  March 12, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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good morning . aj colby will
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have today. i should have done that and wear the green, let's eat of the maps show through my green . already the director is excited about adjusting the chromakey see if f we can see the maps through my shirtrt currently maggie hopkins, 30 degrees akron-canton, these temperatures are jelly, they're expected to come up was likely 60 or better . lakeside we may not get out of the 40s .m the visibility is 1 mile three quarters at wooster,
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mile, with temperatures at times below freezing there could be some slick spots on in the untreated surfaces . mostly sunny, 52 degrees . there's the beautiful sunrises or sunrise tomorrow will be at 742 a.m. 29 degrees at hopkins airport down south around 50
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people in louisiana, they're going to dry out . glen allen moisturize just a couple minutes .ur chaos and donald trump rally forcing them to abandon plans, protested chicago cubs at the busy weekend cease campaigning here, our primary is on tuesday, there are concerns about safety, roosevelt leftwich has more on the scary moments in chicago. >> their best worries about
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several days, this week a man arrested and charged after video showed him punching a protester at a trump rally and donald trump has been criticizeded for not being more forceful to tell his supporters to remain calm, here's more of that chaotic scene from the trump rally chicago last night. >> there were large protests at the plant tribe fan at the diversity of illinois is friday in chicago illinois has a primary tuesday hundreds of protestersrs back in the arena, by sections were filled with protesters, several fights betweenen supporters and protesters erupted after the campaign announced that the rallyt would be canceled out of concern for the safety of the tens of thousands of people in the arena,e here is donald trump 's response to the violence to fox news.isre
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get hurt .. and i decided strongly to make a decision not to do it to postpone the rally, it was aotot big rally and with tremendous people, but i do not want to see people get hurt . nobody on either side we have such a divided country, and subdivided under this president and i have said for a long time. >> the campaign stops at the i. x. center today at 2:00 p.m., and t the police say they have a security plan in place for events of this nature, john kasich will be in mansfield stay in strongsville tomorrow, clinton will be inbtr cleveland today and that bill clinton has three ohio stops planned for cincinnati, toledo and akron today andp you can find info at fox,u one thing is for sure for getting close to a critical election re and nobody wants to see a repeat of what happened in
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country.aa >> saw something else will be able to vote in tuesday's ohio primarysl and ohio judge granted a request friday, those who will be 18 before the november general electionll will be allowed to cast ballots ohio secretary of state jon husted said rules don't allow for the votesar he plans to appeal the decision, a court said they will not be able to hear the case until after tuesday's primary,l democrat bernie sanders have filed suit to allow the 17 -year-olds to vote . >> bernie sanders campaign came to toledo yesterday ahead of the primary yourself in for a repeat of his surprise victoryfy over clinton in nearby michigan and is appealing to blue-collar workers and young voters. >> he sat down with fox 8 news for an interview with melissa reidn .
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people to participate in the political process that make it difficult for them to do so. >> monmouth reform ohio judge ruled that 17 -year-olds can vote in tuesday's primary, and senator bernie sanders sat down for an interview with fox 8 at his tornado alleyri. >> the idea that the secretary of state would change the rules,, that if you're going to be 18 in the general election comes, you should be allowed to participate in the primary to change those rules, and to make it harder for young people to participate i think is outrageous.t >> it's a vector for sanders and his young supporters who are looking for another upset in ohio like last tuesday in nearby michigan. >> i'm one of the leaders in the united states congress against these disasters trade agreements that cost us millions of decent paying jobs, her decisionon has been different if she has
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agreementsaeeif, my position was significant to help me win at michigan and i think will help me to win ohio.. >> a knowledge is the importance of estate and the november election, he says elected president,hebe people here, can expect a tougher stance on accessible higher education and lasted in that.heee >> and i don't have a super pack that receives millions of dollars from wall street, drug companies or the fossil fuel industry by source of financial support comes from 5 million individual contributions, tran you can tell a lot about a campaign candidate where they get their money she gets it from powerful special interest i get it from $27 a
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>> said that he had a demo which was evident by the crowd come you said that they have to go after the senior citizensai he will be back in ohio on sunday night. >> just days away from the ohio primary and not the only evidence against douglas pradet. >> in the murder of doctor margo prade in her minivan in 1998 was so vicious that they insist that could only have been committed
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prade .w it. >> he was going through divorce, he stuck her stopped her he was wiretapping or for evidence he was controlling and abusive. >> sukanaya roy appealed appeal this case, on fridayay judge christine croce denied his motion for new trial.e >> chief of the renovation for the summit county prosecutors office.r >> we are confident that he will remain where he belongs in >> illustrated with 13 for about one yearar after a retired judge declared declared him innocent because of new dna evidence found on the web could build a bite mark that some attribute to douglas prade and others disputed.e >> there was no demand a lack of babylon to the real killer which was not douglas prade . >> they said it was traced to males with no evidence of saliva ,
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sent the case back down and now the judge ruled that the dna is inconclusive and most likely from cross-contamination, also that it was only a small part of the case that got him convicted.t >> based on evidence, and he calculated how much money he would receive on her death and idolizes bills and how much he would have left over there was overwhelming evidence of his >> rats have made it official, ties withfi johnny manziel, just two years after it began, autumn
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of all this . late-night partying and excessive media presents presents two years of headlines most of it off the field, managed to start a games with seven touchdowns and seven interceptions interceptions, so now he is gone,chnt as he awaits word on a grand juries findings in dallas, in the meantime he did release a statement --h it could potentially face suspension from the league, that he is a man without a team, as
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quarterback,p jd has the details coming up in support. >> that former first lady is now
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nancy reagan was laid to rest friday next to her husband, the 40th president of the united
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>> adam housley has more. figures , hollywood elite and the nation said a final goodbye to nancy davis reagan, former canadian prime minister brian mulroney, read the late president's own words about his wife. >> she's a wonderful person to sit by the fire with, or to ride with or to just be with, when the sun goes down and the stars come out.n >> ronald and nancy reagan were defined at their love for each other. >> she was eulogized by former reagan adviser and confidant james baker, her daughter andme her son, recounting her strength and love for her husband.ngba >> my parents were a close circle, the only systems that
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out and include otherst in their orbit, and ability crossed into the space as there's. complement one another, and individually they may have gone far, but together theyer did go anywhere . >> adam housley fox news. >> president obama did not attend the funeral he was in austin texasas where he spoke at e the annual annual south spoke at the annual south by southwest festival festival, his keynote address focused on civil engagement in a high-tech worldkeke . two have some amazing weather coming? >> i would say some, somewhat amazing for march or. >> maybe not as amazing as we had
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>> as long as we do not have a 3 feet of amazing. >> this up for now whether he has given me the worst cold . i am just a little hoarse horse . >> bison constructs, by the truckload. >> let's eat of the maps can shine through migrating shared. . there's the cloud cover, it looks like, we had sunshine these were clouds from yesterday
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sunshine this morning . and show you how it looks from outer space with high-level clouds, to the south, they will begin to speak up here later today and thickened overnight . we will be precipitation freak . you have anything to do, today is the day because tomorrow it is going to be raining quite a bit . it is heaviest downstate maybe 1 inch three quarters near columbus,ay two and one quarter inches they arew . there is a lot of rainfall on the way due to a couple of weather systemsd . animate through this afternoon, the clouds began to move a little
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after midnight, tomorrow it will begin to rain steadily today a high of 60 degreesi it will be much cooler lakeside, in the 40 s . the water temperature is still 36 degrees you'll know there is no ice coverage . it will not draw too much tonight, the 40s clouding with rainfall developing late, northeast winds becoming m easterly tomorrow with upper 50 s . then check out the weather systems . moving the
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that eventually they tried to merge together . on the outlook, we've got that rainfall into monday, with higher precipitation amounts it will be all rainfall on monday 65, dries out on tuesday, looks to be marvelous, close to 70 degrees .. a great day to have the day off worka . rain showers on wednesday, and on st. patrick's day, thursday, a wintry mix possible . set your clocks forward at 2:00
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you may want to check the batteries in your smoke and
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the browns on friday, cut ties with johnny manziel, they released the former heisman winner . promise you not have been drafted in the first placepr he has been called in many circles perhapsps the second worst pick in nfl history, the browns
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lunchtime on friday,sh . they added free agent alvin bailey friday, and justine tuggletu , they were both undrafted free agents into 13 .e colin kaepernick rumors persisting, reverse say that he would like to play for the browns,e . vannatter say that they are prepared to keep him past the deadlinee according to nfl network, sashi brown and andrew berry and columbus check it out the pro prospects, hue jackson not able to attend cardale jones getting attention, had a
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center, his arm did not fail to impress and braxton miller, may day fast -- appeared . . . . . gets the ball inside, for two points and then forbes, with three points they winning 81 -- 54, the wolverines pulled off the upset friday sentth indiana home a yesterday afternoon. could put the wolverines into the semifinals and there goes
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seed in the upcoming appearedoe assisted care of bowling green last night and the mac tournament top-seeded team prevailedacaam in downtown cleveland where the zips get the ball, to isaiah johnson, then he uses his body to spend on the defender scoring one more timepe . bowling green, came back with about three minutes remaining, akron gets it done. we built a program program program on the defensive end and not to like it was one of ourur best defensive teams the last in the last three games we played good defensivelyam. >> in the second game last night the buffalo bills pull out, they led for much of it and take care of the ohio bobcats winning by 14 points they will play akron tonight 7:30 p.m. at the q.
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that, against buffalo and the buffalo would battle back . and then watch the free throw, and that would clinch it, buffalo winningng by one point facing central michigan today for the championship . congratulations to cornerstone christian academy the patriots beat the turkeys to win the division for boysa regional finals, wadsworth girls advancing,gi today's division i title game top-ranked grizzlies held off reynolds, 58 -- 48 wadsworth is 27 and one they play mason and the championship tonight at 830,y the cincinnati powerhouse ended the cinderella
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to all of the teams that went so deep into the playoffs . . >> nearly three decades after her deathth the cold case warming
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we had sunny skies 15 minutes ago, what happened? >> a.j. colby knows what happened.
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of a sudden just prove >> when fog occurs at the dew point, and it is nothing more than a cloud resting at the earth surface so you have the temperature and dew point that collided many areasro with below freezing temperatures means a couple of slick spots on some untreated services that are possible . those water droplets can actually freeze . when water vapor condenses, it releases latent heat . fog is one of the fastestg snow heaters known to man, fyi because releases latent heat . move along, yesterday a high of
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7:42 a.m., and sunset tomorrow will be at 7:32 p.m., currently 35 degrees lakefront, not much of a breezeze to stir things up that is also helping out the fog .h to the south, and minneapolis is 21 degrees with 50 degrees . rainfall in new orleans is moving in our direction, today mid '50s for the high today, lakeside in the 40s .gh quite a difference between lakeshore and
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been three decades since a point for your home was found stabbed to death in her apartment. >> the place we are closer to catching the killer as dave nethers has more on this cold case that is heating up. g >> in march 1997, toy for your analia zavodny has found stabbed to death in her bedford apartment.r >> young lady behind me suffered a death at age> 24 and should not have died in a person who committed the crime is still on the streetd wilson mills in those apartments on broadway avenue are gones at almost 29 years after her murder the of the police believe the case has momentumau. >> eminences being resubmitted, sometimeses giving evidence that has beennc stored a long time as a low threshold but newly developed technology is allowing labs to amplify an. >> they also have help from a group in philadelphia providing
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>> the killer has to know that the end ist near, the final nails are being driven in your coffin,he and what i know i would not go to the store to buy green bananas.i >> they still believe that someone knows something about the crime and is willing to talkth . >> i think everybody has a mother, a daughter that they cherishsh h and nobody wants to see their loved one suffer such a gruesome death, without the person responsible be held accountable and that's really what this is all about..r >> dave nethers fox 8 news. >> the reward for information is $10,000, if you know something, call crime stoppers or the police. >> everyday people, and even a pony are considered heroes, and
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honor them for showing courage and compassion to save a life or improve the lives of others, three cleveland police officer saved a gunshot victim from bleeding to death byanot administering first aid, and a first energy technicianad helped a d carpenter who had injured his handin, and a pony has put so many smiles on the faces of many sick children. en >> they put pressure on his wound, he thought i remain calm talk about my truck and, the training helpt . >> is unique, one-of-a-kind, he goes to the hospital for visits. >> he is believed to be the first animal to receive this
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a volatile and fox 8 exclusively broughtf to you on thursday, one of our eagle eyed viewers captured the moment when a freight train slammed into aey van and a rail crossing. >> learn more about what happened as jack shea reports. >> brook park police say elyria
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ignore the flashing lights at this rail crossing on easton road at route 237, he drove around thett farm onto the tracks his front tire got stuck the video of the high-speed collision was bought by middleburg heights city councilman bill meany the father of fox 8 anchor todd meany dd. >> i realize the exit was going to happen because the a train was on its horn, full-time. >> he says the driver of the at&t van was standing near the vehicle and fortunate that better please patrolman harold duncan arrived and gave him out of the way before impact. >> he pulled him further away because he knew that thehe car was goingwa to explode in the debris field probably would have hit him.deis
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it is to stopll stop a freight fr train, and adventure applies the break he breaking can take 1 mile to stop.e >> the tragic accident that contribute to the laws requiring flashing lights at river crossing to r all school buses are yellow and required to stop the tracks of the door and listen. >> in 1930 collision between a trainr in brook park school bus that that killed the driver and nine students led to many of the safety measures at rail crossings across the country and led to the naming of the school known as memorial school he. >> you need to be careful because these things happen. >> trained or nothing to play with they can destroy car and yourself in a heartbeatni. >> the driver was cited for ignoring the flashing lights and told he is grateful that the officer was there, jack shea fox
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we have a shot this morning's sunrise from bay village,w from jay reynolds . a good friend of the station so we've got that coming up, starting at burke lakefront airport,t, the shows the fog bank . for a shot from the premier flight academy, they have that high-resolution camera that they allow us access to, it is a webcam time-lapse that tells the weather story like nothing else . still some blue sky about the high-level clouds make your way across .. the show you that sunrise from bay
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reynolds, i don't know what kind of camera lens he's using, it just does not seem like it would be an icon . thank you for sharing that with usus on the morning show . 6-mile visibility of hopkins airport 3 miles at lorain toledo , some areas of patchy dense fog expected to lift . the next weather system increases cloud cover especially this evening and overnight tonightci we find ourselves with rainfall in the area lasting into monday . showers in kansas city missouri, moving back to the boot hill them more rainfall
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to see a decrease today . the weekend is upon us today sunshine, rainfall tomorrow and 50s and 60s through the weekend . the lakeshore area however, will have a tough time getting near 50 . clocks greenford one hour tomorrow morningrd with a sunset tomorrow night at 7:32 p.m. with daylight savings time, andsuni the big cool down for late next week brings a chance of rain snow mix on thursday, st. patrick's day, and thenen lasting into the weekend next weekwe . high temperatures me back into the 30s again . 29 degrees hopkins, there is a wind chill out here, although
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to lift today, rain showers tonight a low of 44 tomorrow we should be in the upper 50s, cloudy and raining .ru the rainfall goes into monday, the upper levels, a rich trying to build, tuesday looks great, the next weather system comes in at the end of the week it means a bit more business with colder temperatures .emo will have 50s wednesday, 40 is st. patrick's day, and then by next saturday with highs in the 30s .ex it is still a ways off, so let's hope thatys we can adjust another choosing just at
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the utah mother was fed up with her son's behavior is facing criminal charges after abandoning him at the hospital, the 8-year-old boy was met with a note that read, he is rude and ungovernable, i do not want him in my house at all, that she's facing charges ofs child abandonment and abuse she says she was overwhelmed because she has four children with special needs.abaa >> i told him that he was out of control>> and then he needs more help than i can provide, i thought thatat it was okay and we can drop them off, that it was a safe haven place . >> said officials say utah's safe haven law is only intended for newborns,, mothers can drop their babies off at hospital but
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>> the joe's crab shack seafood chain apologizing for the decoration and one of its restaurants historic photo in the table at a minnesota location shows the hanging of a black black man for robbery and murder in 1895 surrounded by a group of why people and includes aroerer word novel that reads -- all i said was i do not like the gumbo .a >> befell sickened we feel sickened and confused it was >> joe's crab shack has apologized, they say that it takes this matter very seriously , the photo in question was immediately removed. >> tessie father looking for answers after he says applebee's restaurant served his young children alcohol, he took his three kids , ages nine, 10 and 11 to drink, n the children water
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served bottles labeled, not your father's root beer, he realized later that it contained about 6 percent alcohol. >> until my kids to stop drinking the alcoholic beverages and brought to her attention and she saidd it is root beer repaired, i said it is not how and she grabs when the bottles and she goes to the back with itt . >> he he he said that his manner complained of stomach pains and was taken to the hospital for treatment,h he is expected to be okay, enough of the a spokesman says the server was suspended, restaurant will be completely
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vessel hits the jackpot has his wife to think.ts >> ricky rhinebolt storyline autoplay tickets two years ago he can play the same numbers but thought about going onto newlands is vital not to and he did not this week he won $5 million. >> i thought about quitting and that it was a waste of money and she said just keep playingng and i said all right, i love you about another six months that i'm going to quit . that was in december, and then three months later, i wanted. after taxes he will receive a paltry three . $5 million he says that he
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working until retirement age
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